Why You Need a Utility Locator Before You Break Ground

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If you are planning new construction, whether it’s a large commercial project or something more modest, there are several things that must take place before you begin. One of those is locating any underground utilities, like gas lines, phone lines, power cables, or pipes. These things need to be located and marked before you start excavating to build a foundation or else there may be expensive and even dangerous consequences. Luckily, an experienced locator, such as a member of our team at Okanagan Utility Locators, will be able to help you find and mark these areas quickly, so your construction project can move forward without a hitch.

Why You Need a Utility Locator Before You Break Ground

Here are a few specific reasons why you need to hire a utility locator before you break ground:

  • Stay Safe- In some cases, hitting a utility line can have catastrophic consequences that lead to safety hazards and personal injury. For example, damaging a gas line can result in a fire, so it is essential to be aware of where you are digging to avoid these risks.
  • Save Money- If you damage underground utilities, it may be very expensive to deal with the consequences. In addition, it can delay your project. Since time is money, delays are the last thing you want.
  • Prevent Outages- If you fail to have a utility locator perform their work before you start construction, you may cause power outages for many people, which is disruptive, irritating, and potentially dangerous.

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