You Need a Gas Line Locator for 2 Main Reasons

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You Need a Gas Line Locator for 2 Main ReasonsNew construction can be exciting whether you are a passionate contractor or a homeowner looking forward to living in a new place. But before you can start a construction project of any kind, you need to contact an experienced utility line locator. They will ensure you can proceed with your project safely and smoothly.

There are many underground utilities we look for at Okanagan Utility Locators. These include pipes, power cables, phone lines, and gas lines, among others. Of course, each of these is important, but gas lines are one of the most important utilities we locate. Here are the two main reasons you need a gas line locator:

  1. Damaging a gas line is extremely dangerous. Severing or damaging a gas line during construction is a very serious mistake to make. Not only will you release toxic gas into the air, which is very dangerous to human health, but you could also cause a fire or explosion since gas is flammable. To protect yourself, construction workers, and anyone else in the vicinity, you need a gas line locator. If the damage has already been done, evacuate everyone and call 911 immediately.
  2. You could end up paying thousands of dollars. Repairing a gas line can be expensive even if the damage is minimal, and you’re the one who needs to pay for it if you didn’t consult a gas line locator like you should have. To avoid the expense, make sure to always locate any gas lines in advance.