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As a leading power cable locator, we’re the company to trust when this need arises.

Hiring a power cable locator is an essential task for any construction project. Whether you’re planning to add something to your residential property, such as a swimming pool or an addition to the home, or you’re working on a commercial construction site, you need to know that where you’re digging is safe. Hitting one of the many different types of utility lines that run beneath the ground could create a lot of issues. If you hit a phone line, you could end up causing damage that’s expensive and time-consuming to fix. If you hit something else, like a natural gas line or a power cable, you could be in for a more concerning and dangerous situation.

Power Cable Locator in Vernon, British Columbia

At Okanagan Utility Locators, we can provide utility location services for customers in and around Vernon, British Columbia. We will do whatever it takes to make sure each of the utilities located beneath the ground on your property is located with professional accuracy and in a timely fashion. Our employees can locate all types of utilities, including phone and power cables. As a leading power cable locator, we’re the company to trust when this need arises.

When our power cable locator visits your property, he or she will bring the equipment needed to find the lines quickly and efficiently. We utilize the latest advancements in technology to ensure that our power cable locator can perform these services in a professional way. Contact us to schedule your power cable location service or other utility location service today.

At Okanagan Utility Locators, our power cable locators proudly serve customers in Vernon, Armstrong, and Salmon Arm, British Columbia.