Types of Projects Requiring a Gas Line Locator

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While not minimizing the risks involved with conducting a project without having the phone lines or fibreoptic cables located and marked, there is extreme danger in neglecting to call a gas line locator before you get started. The resulting explosion and fire damage from breaching a gas line is a tragic outcome that can be averted by learning where the gas lines are located ahead of time. There are many types of projects that shouldn’t begin without contacting a gas line locator first.

Types of Projects Requiring a Gas Line Locator

  • Home construction- While you are beginning the building lot preparations, including leveling or preparing for either a slab or basement, be sure there aren’t any gas lines present before bringing in the excavator and other heavy equipment.
  • Commercial construction- A commercial area can have even more underground utilities, including old gas lines from any previous use of the property.
  • Road construction- Both public roads and those being built for a residential or commercial development involve quite a bit of ground-moving work to lay the foundation, putting you at risk of rupturing a gas line if you don’t call a gas line locator first. For this type of project, you may want them to come out every so often, as markings can get inadvertently moved or eliminated during such a complex project.
  • Fence construction- Even digging just fence post holes rather than doing a large construction project can put you at risk, so always call a gas line locator before starting a residential, commercial, or agricultural fence installation project.
  • Renovation construction- Adding on to a home or commercial property involves ground work just as new construction does, so don’t cut corners by skipping calling a gas line locator.

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