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Whether you’re planning new construction, an excavation project, or any other project that might include digging into the ground; it is always best to use a pipe locator before you start your project. As the name suggests, a pipe locator can successfully help you locate the pipes in the project area instead of you having to dig them up and find out the hard way. Here’s why you need a pipe locator before you start your project.

Cable Locator in Vernon, British Columbia

  • Safety first: Damaging the wrong pipe, like a utility line, can have harmful effects to everyone in the area. A pipe locator can prevent such accidents and keep everyone safe from the very beginning.
  • Save time and money: Using a pipe locator before you start your project may seem like it would add unnecessary amounts of time and money to your preparation phase, but the opposite is true. It will save you time and money in the end because you won’t have to deal with the expensive hassle of repairing accidentally damaged pipes just because you didn’t know they were there.
  • Make future projects easier: The best part about using a pipe locator is that you’ll have a full report of all the pipes on the property that you can use again for future projects, as long as the pipelines aren’t changed before then.

There are plenty of other reasons why you should use a pipe locator before you start your project. If you’d like to learn more, just give us a call at Okanagan Utility Locators.