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We can locate cables prior to construction and excavation projects.

Cable locating is an indispensable part of any construction or excavation process. By marking the location of underground cables, the process can prevent damage to essential infrastructure, ensure worker safety, and minimize any disruptions to public services.

Cable Locator in Armstrong, British Columbia

At Okanagan Utility Locators, we use advanced technologies and specialized equipment to accurately locate cables underground. The technologies we use allow us to identify cable pathways without the need for excavation, which can save time during the overall scope of your project.

As your cable locator team here in the Armstrong, British Columbia area, we will meticulously mark the locations of any and all cables we find using colour-coded flags or paint. Each colour we use corresponds to a different type of cable, which ensures clear communication and understanding among construction crews and others involved with the project.

Hire us as your cable locator, and we will help you identify the specific locations of cables so you can proceed with any excavation work confidently and avoid accidental damage. Depending on the nature and scope of your project, it may also be mandatory for you to locate cables to mitigate any risks associated with hitting underground lines.

Working with a cable locator demonstrates your commitment to safety and environmental responsibility when you start the beginning stages of your next excavation or construction project. For more information about our cable locating services or to schedule a utility site survey, get in touch with us today.

At Okanagan Utility Locators, our cable locators proudly serve customers in Vernon, Armstrong, and Salmon Arm, British Columbia.


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